Wine Club

Becoming a member of the ITALY IN THE WORLD Wine Club means being a part of a small circle of connoisseurs and one who enjoys the pleasures of life.

It means entering a world where quality still counts, where things are done in the way they should be, where there is time to savor rare and precious treasures.

It is completely free to join the ITALY IN THE WORLD  WINE CLUB, it gives you only rights and no obligations:

– Special offers are reserved for members

– There is a 10% discount on purchase of 12 bottles from our cellar

– We let you know in advance about any events, wine tastings and presentations which ITALY IN THE WORLD WINE CLUB organizes where you will always be welcome

– We will let you know about anything new concerning the ITALY IN THE WORLD cellars (new wines, the best food and wine combinations, etc.)

– You will be informed about our food and wine travel in Italy to the most famous areas of the finest wines  where a special welcome   we will be waiting to raise a glass with you

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8 thoughts on “Wine Club

  1. A pleasure to see a new place on Bonaire to indulge in our passion for fine wines and foods! Michael Gaynor mentioned several weeks ago that you would be opening soon. Looking forward to browsing your wine cellar!

    • thanks even little later is better than nothing, but we are working on the web side, we prefer work on the art culinary part!!

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